Looking for wardrobe ideas to get you started this year? Look no further!
The theme throughout this Style Guide is how to style one top to create four looks with explanations of how to work with color, prints, layers, and textures.
My styling tip is to have balance in your outfit. It's totally okay to mix different textures and colors. However, you want to make sure that the colors and textures compliment each other.
I read (or heard) a fashion rule for getting dress is to have a three color maximum. Well, you can tell by LOOK ONE that I didn't abide by that rule. Reason being is because I see the silver as a neutral here which falls in the same category as the color black.

LOOK ONE offers lots of asymmetrical shapes. The slanted lines in the boots, the handbag, earrings, and skirt are obvious. Additionally, the heart shape top and structured blazer offers curves to accentuate the body. "Bamboo earrings, at least two pair" is what I hear in my head when I see these Bottega Veneta Triangle Earrings. They are modern day bamboo earrings (a prominent accessory worn in the 80's by women of color, and a powerful symbol of Ancient African civilization and resistance).

With each look, you'll notice animalistic features such as python, zebra print, shearling and calf hair. Take LOOK TWO for example. What makes this such a great outfit is how the color scheme falls in line with the unwritten "3 color maximum" rule and the proportions work well together. The Valentino earrings play off of the Alex Vinash heart shaped top. Look two gives classy and elegant vibes. You may notice how the coat and skirt are long and that's because hems have hit the floor. It's one of 2023's top trends.

LOOK THREE says "I mean business" but "I'm also ready to play" with the Alexandre Vauthier Couture Edit Oversized Jacket and Amiri Hybrid denim-trimmed leather flared jeans.

The category is DIVA when it comes to LOOK FOUR. What we see here is a sexy, powerful look that involves two trends in one item - a maxi length shearling coat. The Stand Studio Faux Shearling Coat is a statement all by itself and it also gives modesty and sophistication when worn with a crop top, Retrofete Crystal Embellished Mini Skirt and Alexander Vauthier Metallic Knee-High Boots. An easy way to add a pop of color to an outfit is with accessories. A small dose of pink show up in the Valentino V Logo Earrings and Attico 24HR Top Handle Handbag.

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